Yes, we provide telehealth services in english and spanish. Currently testing for COVID-19. Patients must meet specific guidelines and requirements for testing.

Family Planning

Clinica Medica General’s Maternity and OBGYN Center has been created with women as our priority. At this Center you will have access to the best specialists in gynecology and obstetrics care for you and your child.

Additionally, the Center works conjointly with our in house laboratory in the analysis of your blood, urine and glucose. You will also be able to see your future child through an ultrasound from the moment that your pregnancy is confirmed and you will receive an image that you will get to keep forever, reminding you of the wonderful moment when you saw your child for the first time.

At the Center, we will be with you in each and every developmental stage of your child, week after week, month after month until the moment your baby is ready for arrival.