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Men’s Health

The Urology Department of Clinica Medica General mission is to prevent disease, cure and promote men’s health.

Recent technological and investigation advances in the medical field have dramatically changed the methods utilized by doctors to prevent, diagnose and treat all urological problems.

When should I see an urologist? What is a urological problem?

TThe urologists study, treat and seek to prevent diseases commonly associated with the urinary tracts, genitals and prostatic health. The urologist focuses on the healthy functionality of male organs (such as vas deferens, testicles, prostate gland, urinary tract and penis) and on the treatments that can be applied when these organs do not work properly.

You should consult with an urologist if you have trouble urinating, you feel pain, you see strange rashes on your genital area or you have the need to urinate frequently.

A urological problem implies a dysfunction of the urological system. Other related complications are: Erectile dysfunction (impotence), swollen testicles, STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) and circumcision.