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Pain Management

At Clinica Medica General’s Orthopedic Center we understand how unbearable the chronic pain of bones, joints and muscles can be. We focus on injuries, deformities, bone disease, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the nerves that comprise the musculoskeletal system as a whole.


Arthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints consistent with the inflammation, wear and tear of a joint. By etymological definition, arthritis means “inflammation of the joints” and it’s used to describe more than 100 types of conditions that affect the joints, the tissue that surrounds the joints and other connective tissue.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is also useful as part of a health program to help you maintain a healthy and active physical state, diminish pain, increase flexibility, improve and/or re-establish lost muscular strength as a consequence of injury. It also helps control and prevent future injuries.

At Clinica Medica General we have the ultimate high tech equipment to measure bone density, which serves to diagnose and allow for effective treatment of osteoporosis.