Yes, we provide telehealth services in english and spanish. Currently testing for COVID-19. Patients must meet specific guidelines and requirements for testing.


Clinica Medica General’s Podiatry Department is comprised of the best podiatrists in the area. It provides exclusive laser treatments and has a partnership with the prestigious Los Angeles Surgical Center. A one-stop-shop where you will find relief for your foot pain, correction of deformities, and chemical-free elimination of fungus.


Taking care of our feet is very important, not only because they take us everywhere but also because they support our entire musculoskeletal system. Millions of people suffer from pain in their feet which can make performing daily activities difficult.

The most common feet diagnosis are; calluses, plantar warts, bunions, plantar fasciitis (intense pain on the heel), hammertoes, ingrown nails, arthritis, gout, tendinitis and in the case of diabetes.. infections, ulcers and fungus. It is important to wear the correct type of shoes according to our weight and the way we walk (step). Our doctors are here to help you and your feet!